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Project 52 {Paradise} week 6/52

Paradise was going to be a hard subject for me to capture… I didn’t have a clue how to capture it, interpret it… anything.

Then Friday came.

My husband and I went to a Francis Chan marriage talk at church. We were expecting something totally different than what we got… We got a powerful message that really made us think. His whole message: Don’t lose site of heaven and what matters. We are all here for the same mission: make disciples of the nations. If you have a focus on heaven (paradise) everything in this world looks different.

Mathew 6: 19-21 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal”. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal; for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Ok so where does the rose come in?… well to put it simply it was our center piece at the event. LOL. The other nice couples let me take the rose home since I had the smallest children at home and needed it :). But then I after I got it home I thought about how delicate roses and how it’s beauty is not forever. Reminder it is that things of this world fade. Keeping my focus on paradise, not on things that fade away.Paridse


2 | Sacramento Childrens Photographer

I so treasure moments like this. This is my youngest in his crib for his last night of being a 1 year old. Tomorrow is just another day… he will only be 1 day older but things do change. He will be 2, not 1… but 2!!! He is my baby.

This was just 1 year ago after his cake celebration. Time flys!

Jessica Bowers Photography



Lifestyle Photography? | Sacramento Photographer

Often I get the question: What is Lifestyle Photography?

Well simple answer is, it is a style. Lifestyle Photography documents your life, relationship with others and special moments. I personally sell my “Lifestyle” shoots sorta as a “Day-In-The-Life” feel. I add certain elements of lifestyle photography in every shoot I do. What I want to do though it have more goal driven sessions, that have a set goal to capture a family game night, a weekly bike ride, the way you all eat dinner together every night… that sort of thing. I want to document families… being families, simply that. I personally put a high value on these type of photographs of my family. This is the way I have chosen to document my family & my kids growing up.

To be honest I get a lot of positive feedback on these style shoots and these shots of my kids… I find though people feel if they are going to be investing money in a shoot they want something to hang on the mantel. Let me be the person to tell you, you CAN hang these pictures on your mantel. I am currently constructing a large canvas collage of just this thing. However I think I have come up with a special that everyone will love. Not only are my lifestyle- day in the life shoots on sale but if you book one now before July 31st you will get 1/2 off a mini session in September!!! Yes 1/2 off! I’ve never done a 1/2 off sale before so that just tells you how serious I am about getting families these memories. September is the perfect month for a mini shoot for your family, just in time for Christmas. You will get a mini portrait session to update your Christmas card photo or just a more posed session if that is something you want.

My style of photography lends itself to be something for everyone type thing… I promise these day in the life style shoots, capturing your family doing something you will love will be by far the best investment you’ve made in memories.

Below are some of my favorite images from last years lifestyle shoots, some are just purposeful shots I took of my kids also. I would love to capture your family in the same way.



The Sweet O Family Mini Session | Sacaramento Area Family Photographer

Can you believe this family has NEVER had a full family picture? They look just stunning… they can’t continue that sadness either :). I am glad they finally jumped in and scheduled a portrait session. It was a pleasure to meet them. I enjoyed our short time together. They opted for a mini session since they just wanted a great full family shot. Sometimes mini sessions are the way to go… it just fits the clients needs. For this reason I have decided to offer mini sessions year round :).





Project 52 {Noise} week 5/52 | Sacramento Photographer

I had to take a second picture for the Noise assignment. Here in Sacramento we had 52 days without rain… things were not looking good. The rain finally came and my oldest was just a little happy about it all… Nothing beats the noise of rain drops outside. {Noise part 2}

blog_0110The assignment just came out today… today! and I was already able to capture it. LOL. With 3 boys in the house it wouldn’t be hard to take a Noise picture- EVERY Hour :).

This photo however is a crack up. My oldest son was playing “hunting” in the backyard. He dug himself out this hideout, put camo face paint on & set up the deco ducks to fool any prey. He was outside blowing his duck call for the neighborhood to hear. Let’s just say he has a ways (long way) to go on the duck calling ability. He has a while to learn since duck season ended today. He was mighty proud of himself and his creation today & it was nice to have some quite this afternoon :).


I might be adding more Noise photos to this week’s theme but for now this is it 🙂blog_0110