• Welcome to my little corner of the photography world! I am a Natural Light, Lifestyle photographer in beautiful Okinawa Japan. I specialize in black & white photography while having a love affair with bold color. It is my hope that my style of story telling will preserve your memories in an artistic way that you will cherish for a lifetime. Life is Sweet- Capture it

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Did you get my fall postcard? If not you missed out on this super yummy recipe. I have a stack of these cards left to go out to a loving home. Just message me your mailing address to be added to my mailing list.

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Now onto the important stuff:  Everyone Loves a Sale right?? Well I think I have a great one for this “gift-giving” season we are in.

A Digital & Canvas Sale!

These products need to be purchased directly from me. You will not find these deals on my client proofing site (smugmug), so save yourself the time of searching 🙂

First lets start with the sale I am most excited about: Canvases!!!

Canvas are by far the most popular way to enjoy your digital images. Their popularity has exploded the last few years. Also meaning that everyone and their mother thinks they can print a canvas. You see so many groupon deals, or other deals… Believe me, not all canvas companies are the same. Not all canvases are build to last. Investing in good quality prints is something I will always preach- it is so important. You invest all this time and effort and money into a shoot to not take the extra step to preserve the memories. This is why I am so excited to announce my new canvas company! I found an affordable high quality vendor that I know you all will be impressed with.

Nicely finished backs

UV & scratch resistant coating

Manufacture guarantee from sagging & stretching.

Sizes starting at 10×10

Oct 1st-Nov 30th, 2013 You can enjoy the following discounts:

$10 off a $100 order

$25 off a $200 order

$40 off a $300 order

*These discounts can not be applied to the special bundles listed below.


Bundle Specials, For Fall ONLY!

Or Maybe You Want to Buy Prints & Canvases for the Ultimate Gift:

The Wall Display Package:

This perfect combo will make a great addition to any living room while giving you some spending money to buy prints for albums, keepsakes or gifts.

20×30 Canvas

2- 10×10 Canvas

$75 Print Credit (great for gifts)


Valued at $285. $35 savings


Friends & Family:

This package is great for gifts and to keep something beautiful for yourself.

16×20 Canvas


6- 5×7



Valued at $220. $30 savings by buying in bulk


I’ve also included this helpful chart for you. Typically I do not suggest any prints smaller than 16×20. Go Big! You won’t regret it! Most walls require 20×30 or larger to make an impact and fill the space.


 Digital Sale*:

I want to take a moment and explain digitals. Digitals are highly requested products. Though you are purchasing the rights to print these images I suggest you still invest in professional prints, it makes such a difference. When it comes down to it, most people want the digital to keep as a keepsake. So do both, get a digital copy but budget for purchasing the images you really love to be printed at a professional lab. You won’t regret it.

Single Digital Image: $20 $13

10 20 digital images: $100

Mini Session Full Disk (approximately 20-30 images): $150 + 20% off pro printing through my lab 🙂

Full Session Full Disk (approximately 50- 75 images): $250 + 20% off pro printing through my lab 🙂

Wedding Full Disk: $500 + 20% off pro printing through my lab 🙂

*Digitals are sized for up to 8×10 printing

Offers & Sale Expire Nov 30, 2013, so don’t delay!




Budget Saving Tips In Preparing for a Photo Shoot {Part 1}

What to wear for your photo session? I get this question a lot and I am happy to help. Then sometimes the client never asks and I find out later they struggled and agonized over it all by themselves. Or I also hear “We couldn’t afford all new outfits for everyone.” Well I am hear to help.

During a season when money just seems to flow out for the holidays & different events, I know it can be hard. I get it, I really do. I have the same struggles. Photo Sessions are an investment and you really do have to look at them that way… but that doesn’t mean you have to go crazy. That is why I thought some budget friendly tips to point in the right direction could set you up for success.

First lets talk about why you want to invest in special outfits for your photo session anyways. Well for one you want to be proud of these photos. Most likely you are planning on sharing them with your friends and family or displaying them in your own home. You also want to feel confident, it really will come across in your images. Also take into consideration what colors would go with the décor of your house & what colors everyone looks good in. These photos are meant to last, so invest the time and money into making them something you are proud of.

New clothes always make you feel good. I always suggest starting with the mom & dressing her first. Females have the advantage in this department, there are a lot more colors & accessories you can use. Maybe all new outfits are not in your budget for everyone. Start with some awesome basics and work up from there. Dressy t-shirt & dark jeans with heals and a colorful scarf can be a totally rockin’ photo outfit. Or maybe there is a dress you love and you can pair it with a fun blazor of jacket to add something new and a fun pop of color. Start shopping early too. Nothing like stressing yourself out the week before you session to make this all harder than it actually is. Sometimes saving money takes a lot of time. I promise it will be harder to save money and find deals if you wait till the last minute. Even if you are just *dreaming* of a session but haven’t booked yet START LOOKING! lol. Depending on your area try and shop consignment for yourself.  Some of my best dressed friends shop consignment most of the time.

If you are successful in saving money in some areas maybe you can splurge in others…Don’t be afraid to spend money in other areas to prepare for your shoot. Having your hair and make-up done for a photo shoot has a huge impact. Don’t worry you don’t have to be so done up that no one recognizes you… that is not what I am talking about but spending the time to make sure you love how you look in your portraits will make all the difference.

After mom has her outfit move onto the kids & the hubby. What coordinates without being too matchy matchy? Dont’ be afraid to mix some patterns.  Lay the clothes out on your bed and see if it pleasing to your eye. Someone in a plaid and someone in a floral can be super cute & keep things interesting. How do the colors flow together? Who’s outfit needs to change? Maybe add layers. Fun color puffy vests for boys or a flannel button up over a t-shirt…. what looks cute and current. Fun tights for your daughter. What fits your families style?

It’s a little easier to save money on the kids. Lately I have been finding some great kids pieces at used clothing stores. I just bought my son some adorable button down shirts with fun plaid patterns for about $3 each!!! $3!!!! Who can’t afford $3? I also found dark denim jeans for him there for around $6. Though they are used or should I say “previously worn” they do not look worn at all. My oldest is a little hard to buy for at those stores (he is 6), but doable if hunt for long enough. In my opinion Target has the best selection of stylish clothes for cheap. Usually they have several different pieces in a series that can go together. Old Navy is another great one. Varity of sizes and their clothes already go together and are similar.

I often find used dress shoes for my boys at 2nd hand stores. Kids don’t tend to wear dress shoes much so they are in great condition. I’ve picked up some high brand shoes for less than $10! A nice pair of brown shoes can really dress up the look and make it look better. Leave the sneakers at home if at all possible. When I saw dress up shoes I am not talking about those shinny black shoes, that might really look out of place… go for something that matches your look.

These are my extreme budget tips! Maybe you are not as “budget” challenged as others but saving money is always a plus :). Hope my tips can help!

Next Post: Accessorizing for Less




Say Hello


I am SO over the top thrilled with my design from OTF Designs. It is amazing. I love it so much. I was a lucky lady chosen for a free logo design.  I couldn’t believe it! It was my lucky day.

My previous logo was something I had paid for from another designer and it was… OK… I was always anxious to change it. I was so happy to get this chance.

Kate was so great to work with. She really… I mean *really* listened to me! I was all over the place with the styles that I liked. She submitted a few for me to choose from and I was in love with one of the ones she sent over. This was a great starting place for us. I suggested adding a retro camera to the logo since I love old cameras and I wanted them to be part of my branding. So what did she do?. She HAND drew the perfect Brownie for my logo design. I was in love and over the top impressed. I love that she snuck my name in on the camera too.

I was  hooked!

Now I wanted everything to match. She put together a few other things for me for purchase. I really wanted my slogan to match my logo, she happily did that for me. I will defiantly be coming back to her in the future if I have any design needs.

Working with her was such a blessing. It came at the perfect time… just the absolutely perfect time- I was launching a new site, my style has really started to become my own. I needed the change to really bring it all together & her design did that for me.

Show some love to OTF Designs if you like my logo design also. Click here @ http://www.etsy.com/shop/OTFdesigns to check out her esty shop & http://otfdesigns.com/ is her blog page



The Winner Is…

Congrats Daley Family for winning my photo session donation to the Galt Community Center. It was so a pleasure working with you. I loved that the kiddos called me “weird”… you-do-whatcha-gotta-do to get those smiles… And Dad’s bunny ears on the back of my head helped a lot too 🙂