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Project 52 8/52 {Bright}

I had fun with the theme this week. I had to take 2 images. I submitted both for the project. Both very different images.

First image: One day when I informed the boys it was clean up day. My oldest had the bright idea to dress in their super hero capes and be the “Clean Up Team” They had fun completing missions & making progress around the house. I couldn’t resist this image of my two youngest doing their favorite chore- the laundry switch.

Second image was an accidently shot, loved how it turned out… more like a piece of art really. I might even make this into a canvas for myself. so light and airy and pretty.jessicabowersphotographyjessicabowersphotography

Drumroll Please….. The Winner Is:

The Robinson Family.

I had great entries for this give-a-way. I wanted to give everyone a session.  My stomach was in knots before the name was drawn. Being a praying person I prayed that a couple would be chosen that needed it the most. I felt a lot better drawing a name knowing in invited God to bless this couple. I still had my son draw a name out of the bowl so I wasn’t the bad guy who didn’t draw the name 🙂 . I was pleasantly surprised to see the couple chosen. All would have been wonderful winners. I decided to extend a special offer to those families who didn’t win. I think marriage is such a blessing, so trying at times but worth celebrating ALWAYS!  I hope the nominees consider giving a mini session to these deserving couples anyway.

This family won complimentary 30 minute session with an 8×10 of their choice. 🙂




Project 52 {Focused} week 7/52

{Focused} I am focused on a lot of things this year. One being to make photography fun again but getting my camera out more and shooting other things. Today I got out and used my camera in a different way. I tried new techniques.. and they didn’t work but at least I tried, that is what matters. I am focused on improving my work this year and focused on making it fun



Project 52 {Paradise} week 6/52

Paradise was going to be a hard subject for me to capture… I didn’t have a clue how to capture it, interpret it… anything.

Then Friday came.

My husband and I went to a Francis Chan marriage talk at church. We were expecting something totally different than what we got… We got a powerful message that really made us think. His whole message: Don’t lose site of heaven and what matters. We are all here for the same mission: make disciples of the nations. If you have a focus on heaven (paradise) everything in this world looks different.

Mathew 6: 19-21 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal”. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal; for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Ok so where does the rose come in?… well to put it simply it was our center piece at the event. LOL. The other nice couples let me take the rose home since I had the smallest children at home and needed it :). But then I after I got it home I thought about how delicate roses and how it’s beauty is not forever. Reminder it is that things of this world fade. Keeping my focus on paradise, not on things that fade away.Paridse


2 | Sacramento Childrens Photographer

I so treasure moments like this. This is my youngest in his crib for his last night of being a 1 year old. Tomorrow is just another day… he will only be 1 day older but things do change. He will be 2, not 1… but 2!!! He is my baby.

This was just 1 year ago after his cake celebration. Time flys!

Jessica Bowers Photography