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J & K engagements | Sacramento Wedding Photographer

This couple was a lot of fun to get to know during their session. I use to work with the bride years and years ago… I still love it when my old job & new job collide. It is so fun to see what people are up to and catch up.

They suggest Old Sugar Mill for their session. I had never shot out there and I am glad we went there. SO fun! I really looking forward to their gorgeous wedding in September. It is sure to be amazing once again!

Saramento Engagement

Saramento Engagement

Saramento Engagement

Saramento Engagement

Saramento EngagementSaramento Engagement

 Jessica Bowers Photography

Saramento Engagement

J & K Old Sacramento Wedding | Sacramento Wedding Photographer » Jessica Bowers Photography - […] We had an amazing time at their engagement shoot, check it out here.  […]

A Fun Announcement | Sacramento Maternity Photographer

Meet my sweet dear friend B. She is a sweetheart and just about to get the biggest blessings of her life… well she still has quite a few months to go. I could not be more happy for her. She is going to be an amazing mother. I am looking forward to watching this belly grow then the little Babies growing up as well.




twins pregnancy annoucement


Project 52 10/52 {Soft}

I could not resist this teeny tiny flower as I pulled weeds the other day. It was amazingly beautiful for it’s tiny size. It was just laying there in the rocks already pulled out of the soft ground… just waiting to be photographed I think.

I love the soft petals and soft focus of this. This is probably my favorite shot I’ve taken yet for this project 52 exercise. I am loving these assignments.

Check out my flikr stream to see a collection from this whole series so far: http://www.flickr.com/photos/114191035@N06/



Project 52 9/52 {Colorblind}

I knew exactly what I wanted to shoot for this assignment. My oldest son is colorblind and so is my father.

When I first found out he was colorblind, I was so sad… then I did a little internet searching and I was crying. I couldn’t believe how his world looked to him. All the beautiful colors everywhere- he didn’t see it… I was so sad. There is nothing that can be done for colorblindness. Wesley’s doctor was actually fascinated by it, it is kind of rare. So given this weeks theme I couldn’t help but capture my son to fill the assignment.

Here is the image below and the original caption with it (little redundant… so sorry 🙂JBweb-1335-2

{Colorblind} 9/52. I knew exactly what I wanted to shoot this time around. My oldest son is colorblind. When we found out I was a little sadder than I probably should’ve been… there is nothing that can be done but as an artist who values and appreciates color I felt so sad how his world looks to him. Then God reminded me all the sweeter heaven will be for him. This little budding artist has his own hurtles to conquer in the color area of his life.

I had to edit in vivid color of the irony of it all. My sons world is full for blue and variations of a greenish brown color. If only he could see this pic for the color it really is