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Have Your Cake and Eat it Too! | Sacramento Photographer

First off I  LOVE  LOVE  LOVE this family.  I’ve been photographing them for awhile now and they are just so cute.  Mom took the initiative and styled this cake smash shoot and she did such a GREAT job of putting it together. I just love it!


Of course the brothers and sisters had to have their turn in front of the camera as well 🙂 I just love these kids. They always have me laughing and they make my job e-a-s-y!JessicaBowersPhotography_0256JessicaBowersPhotography_0257

Christmas Mini Review (part 1) | Sacramento Photographer

These Minis are always a HUGE hit. This year I sold out before I even shared to social media!… then I added a day and those sold out too before I could post and share!  They are so fun, so  I am glad you all like them too!

JessicaBowersPhotography_0226 - CopyJessicaBowersPhotography_0228 - CopyJessicaBowersPhotography_0230 - CopyJessicaBowersPhotography_0229 - CopyJessicaBowersPhotography_0227 - CopyJessicaBowersPhotography_0232JessicaBowersPhotography_0233JessicaBowersPhotography_0234JessicaBowersPhotography_0236JessicaBowersPhotography_0235JessicaBowersPhotography_0231 - CopyJessicaBowersPhotography_0213 - CopyJessicaBowersPhotography_0214 - CopyJessicaBowersPhotography_0215 - CopyJessicaBowersPhotography_0216 - CopyJessicaBowersPhotography_0217 - Copy