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Project 52 {Noise} week 5/52 | Sacramento Photographer

I had to take a second picture for the Noise assignment. Here in Sacramento we had 52 days without rain… things were not looking good. The rain finally came and my oldest was just a little happy about it all… Nothing beats the noise of rain drops outside. {Noise part 2}

blog_0110The assignment just came out today… today! and I was already able to capture it. LOL. With 3 boys in the house it wouldn’t be hard to take a Noise picture- EVERY Hour :).

This photo however is a crack up. My oldest son was playing “hunting” in the backyard. He dug himself out this hideout, put camo face paint on & set up the deco ducks to fool any prey. He was outside blowing his duck call for the neighborhood to hear. Let’s just say he has a ways (long way) to go on the duck calling ability. He has a while to learn since duck season ended today. He was mighty proud of himself and his creation today & it was nice to have some quite this afternoon :).


I might be adding more Noise photos to this week’s theme but for now this is it 🙂blog_0110

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