• Welcome to my little corner of the photography world! I am a Natural Light, Lifestyle photographer in beautiful Okinawa Japan. I specialize in black & white photography while having a love affair with bold color. It is my hope that my style of story telling will preserve your memories in an artistic way that you will cherish for a lifetime. Life is Sweet- Capture it

Sakura Season

How could I be a photographer in Japan and NOT view the Sakura trees. Okinawa isn’t as spectacular as mainland. Maybe one day I’ll make it to mainland to view them in full bloom in the spring. *Maybe*

Okinawa’s blossom season is earlier and just like the states (California where I am from)… I’ve heard it just takes one storm and the season is over… so I wanted to catch at least a glimpse of them before that happened since it is still very much rainy and cold.

The blossoms start north and move their way down the island. I decided after a tiny bit of Instagram research to go to Mt. Yaedake which is about 1 1/2 hrs away from me. A little apprehensive with decent car ride and a not-so-travel-friendly toddler I still decided to go on Thursday. Much to my surprise Corwin did great. She was seriously the perfect travel buddy and maybe our days of exploring this island together are just beginning. I went to Mt Yaedake because most of the viewing happens from the seat of your car and that was annoying and easier at the same time. Being the driver, wanting to capture moments but being a lone was a little tricky. Thankfully everyone is up on the mountain to view the beautiful trees so people are kind when you pull off to the side of the road or stand in the middle of the road for a moment to capture a picture.

Completely “Okinawa”: Orion beer lanterns and sparse Sakura trees… and roads that look like single car roads but NOPE it is a two car lane actually.

It was such a pleasant day. I am not going to lie it would have been even more fun with a friend… maybe next year we will have some friends and we can adventure together. Moments like yesterday make a me a tad more homesick but I just have to give it time. I am SO thankful I have this little blessing to join me. Seriously she is just a gift I will NEVER take for granted!

The cutest ice cream stand up the mountain. Cherry flavored ice cream was delish!
Probably the most colorful part of the whole drive