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A Birth Story | Sacramento Area Photographer

I am excited to share a little glimpse of a birth I got to photograph.  I have photographed a couple births now and let me just say, it is such an honor.  I have cried each time and it is so magical being there… and I am not just saying that!!!

This particular day  I was not actually set up to photograph the birth. I was just going to do a “First Day of Life” session for this family.  However when labor was dragging it allowed me the time to make it there for the birth.  I wanted to capture the first few minutes for this family. The un-known of what is to come, the beauty and excitement… and to celebrate LIFE!

She came out screaming and wanted everyone to know she was here!!!!! She was so chunky and cute and oh my goodness did not help the “baby bug” in the least bit!

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