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10 Years In Love | Sacramento Photographer |

Oh My Goodness how do I luck out with these awesome clients?! I am so lucky. Michelle & I met during a photo shoot about a year and half ago. She was shooting (she’s a photographer herself) and we (my family) were getting our pics done & its started from there. We go to the same church & she was a part of the same mom’s group as I was but photography just gave us even more in common. She has allowed me to do some really creative shoots with them. I just love them! They are so fun. She is great about letting go & letting me “create” & that is HARD for a photographer to do… it is hard for me to do! Plus it doesn’t hurt they are gorgeous.


It all started when I had blogged my photo “bucket list” for the year a couple months back and one thing was: Do a couples session at a fair. Well Michelle & her husband will be celebrating 10 years of marriage in July & had wanted to do a shoot anyway so she jumped on it. I am so thankful she did! It was a fun theme shoot. I think this is a great example of lifestyle photography. Showing their relationship & love… granted they don’t live at a fair so this is just a great example of putting this style to work in other surroundings. It also feels really great to cross stuff off my bucket list too.


We did get quite a few questions & stares. The workers were OUTSTANDING! They let us on the rides & turned on lights to add that “wow” to some of the pics. It was an amazing shoot. The sweet park setting really helped too. So glad we did this shoot a couple months early because it really paid off.