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School in Session | Sacramento Lifestyle Photographer

This little guy finally got his turn at the school table today. He did so well too. We counted to 20, he only needed help a couple time and recognized the # 1-20 as well. We traced some letters, numbers 1-10. Worked on shapes which he actually already knows all of them so he got a little board. We wrote his name, did a couple mazes and working on cutting paper.

Today it was hard to make him stop. He kept bragging to his younger brother “Carter I have school work to do!”… “I can’t play I have work” (said in a snotty way)…  You could tell he felt pretty BIG sitting at the table with his own work sheets. It is my hope that we start this early and working that when Kinder comes we won’t have a battle to get our work done.

Life just got a tad busier too adding another child’s school schedule to the mix as well. His schooling will happen way less often than Big Brothers. It was fun for both of us & I am looking forward to more school memories with him.

Laundry Day, Homeschool Day & our Lunch break is over so I am off… and I haven’t taken down my Christmas Card display yet. Everything else is put away, don’t judge 🙂blog_0040

Project 52 {Imperfection/Reflection} week 2/52 | Sacramento Area Photographer

I am excited to join the My Four Hens http://myfourhensphotography.com/photographers/weekly project. This weeks assignment was {imperfection}, last weeks (which I missed) was {reflections}… so feel that this single picture catches me up with the group :). If you care to join me on the photo journey, come a long. You can join at anytime and you don’t have to be a pro to participate. I promise your photography skills will grow if you start shooting more. Follow me on my flickr page here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/114191035@N06/ to see what I submitted for each weeks assignments.

Come a long for the fun ride!


M Family | Sacramento Area Photographer

I had a lot of fun at this shoot awhile back. We laughed a lot! They laughed a lot. A good time was had by all… even Mike I think had fun. We had the “kids” a long with us for part of the shoot. These kids are just as busy has human ones. It was fun to do something different though. Dogs are always part of people’s families so I am glad when they suggested bringing their “kids” with them 🙂blog_0028blog_0029blog_0030blog_0031blog_0033blog_0034



The F family | Davis, Ca Lifestyle Photographer

I LOVE meeting new people, it is one of the perks of this job. I am so glad I was able to get this family in. Originally I was all booked when they inquired but something opened up and I was able to get them in… isn’t it lovely when that happens? :). I can’t wait to watch this family grow. We had fun together… doing what little ones do, playing in the leaves, throwing rocks in the pond, hanging out with Mommy & Daddy. Yep- it was a fun afternoon by all accounts!blog_0014blog_0016blog_0018blog_0019