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O Family | Davis Ca, Photographer

I can’t believe it has nearly been a year since I saw this family. In true kid fashion, little JP decided a 15 minute nap was long enough on picture day… but you’d never know by these pictures. We still coaxed a smile out of him a few times :). Such a sweet little family. They are great!


Ravencroft Family | Sacramento Photographer Jessica Bowers

Fall Family Session. Sacramento Area. Jessica Bowers Photography

Oh man I love photographing this family. Michelle always works so hard to put together every detail of the shoot. She is a photographer herself so it is kinda what she does for fun :). This time was no exception, they looked great and they even managed to borrow this lovely couch for the family shots.  I’ve been shooting this family for a couple years now and it is always fun to see how the kids are growing and their changing smiles 🙂 We had a few less “teethy grins” this time and I think it is better this way! So cute!

Fall Family Session. Sacramento Area Jessica Bowers Photography



M Family Mini

Oh Man I have so many wonderful sessions to blog. Little at a loss at where to start… so I started with this adorable sweet family.

Oh I love them! I met this family first over a fun newborn shoot.  I can’t not tell you what a blessing it is to see them each time.  Mom of 4 she is so calm and her kids are so great.  She makes 4 kids easy. She makes me think “well maybe I could do it…”

She also dressed her family so great! I love the difference in style, the cute kids tie, plaid shirt, bold fun dress. Take note because she did it RIGHT! 🙂 All my clients have been doing so great getting ready for their “Fall” shoot.


This right here was one of my favorites from the mini session day. I said “interact, play” & instantly the boys start with their hand around each others necks and hitting- all in good fun but still cracked me up. Having 3 boys of my own I totally GET IT. So nice to know that, that is “normal” boy behavior in other families as well.JBweb-9936JBweb-9831JBweb-9705JBweb-9683JBweb-9671JBweb-9646JBweb-9486JBweb-9620JBweb-9523

Hill Wedding | Sacramento Area Photographer

This was such a fun wedding. So nice to meet this couple & have the honor of photographing their special day!
Their little boy was SO cute. I can still hear him saying “Where is she?” walking around looking for his mommy turned princess for the day. What a sweet family.